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Career Opportunities

The United States Probation Office for the Middle District of Georgia is currently accepting applications for the following positions:


Announcement: #24-03: U.S. Probation Officer - Columbus

          Opening Date:  07/12/2024

          Closing Date:  08/12/2024


Announcement: #24-04: Systems Administrator

          Opening Date:  07/12/2024

          Closing Date:  08/12/2024


AO 78 - Required along with an application packet.

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The U.S. Probation Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer who employs professionals in a variety of fields to include but not limited to Social Services, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Law, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Administrative Support.



Your Employee Rights and How to Report Wrongful Conduct

11th Circuit's Judicial Conduct and Disability Act